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28 June 2024
Azimkhon Askarov comments on UK Banking Glitches Disrupting Payday

Such events not only cause significant business disruption, but also severely undermine customer trust in banking. For many customers, this instance serves to highlight the risks often associated with a cashless society. Moving forward, banks everywhere must strengthen their security measures and operational resilience, with a need to reflect on their contingency planning.
09 June 2024
The Authority Magazine: Ryta Zasiekina On 5 Things You Need To Succeed In The Modern World Of Finance & Fintech

Make sure you have the right combination of expertise and youth on your team. This is one of our key values: we attract experienced individuals as well as young, ambitious people who can offer a different perspective.
How Payments Giants Are Harnessing AI to fuel growth
31 May 2024
How Payments Giants Are Harnessing AI to fuel growth
27 May 2024
Who’s Winning the Real Time Payments Race by Azimkhon Askarov, Co-partner of CONCRYT

Despite discrepancies in growth between regions, and ongoing barriers to full adoption, it’s estimated that up to half of B2B payments will be made in real-time by next year.
16 May 2024
CONCRYT comments on DLT trials for wholesale transactions

Representatives of CONCRYT view the Eurosystem's trials as potentially significant for the evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
06 May 2024
The Great Payments Race by Edvards Margevics, Co-Partner of CONCRYT

As central banks navigate the complexities of CBDCs at their varying development stages, the fintech-driven private sector is striding ahead in its quest to reimagine traditional payment methods, and create new ones altogether.
16 April 2024
How Debanking Threatens Both Businesses and Banks by Edvards Margevics, Co-partner of CONCRYT

Edvards Margevics looks at why debanking is on the rise, the consequences of the practice, and how to protect yourself against it.
05 April 2024
Real Time Payments; Who’s leading the way by Azimkhon Askarov, Co-partner of CONCRYT

Azimkhon Askarov looks at why we should work to overcome these barriers to unlock the full benefits of RTPs.
12 March 2024
Spotlight Series: Ryta Zasiekina

Meet Ryta Zasiekina, Founder of CONCRYT, providing game-changing expertise in payments and banking. Ryta talks about her incredible journey, her role models and her advice to others.
08 March 2024
IWD 2024: Women in financial services featuring Ryta Zasiekina

One of the biggest challenges that women face in business is to be able to be perceived as a competitor by men.
03 March 2024
Inspirational Female Founder Spotlight: Ryta Zasiekina

Having spent a decade consulting in the payments and banking industries, Ryta Zasiekina, Founder of CONCRYT, has gained a reputation as a dynamic decision-maker and skilled negotiator. Originally from Ukraine, Ryta was forced to flee her homeland for Riga, Latvia, in spring 2022, where she is now founder and co-CEO of CONCRYT.